Saturday, January 21, 2012

Logic and SoundCloud!

I just purchased Logic! I've been using Garageband since high school. Garageband is a really great amateur program, and I learned most of what I know about music by messing around and composing things with it. I figured it was time to move to the next level with my music-making so now I'm learning Logic!

Also I made a SoundCloud account to share my music things!

This one is from a three year old collection of songs that I made. It's one of the first chiptune songs I composed with Milkytracker. Looking back on this one, it seems pretty busy. I think I've tried to simplify things in recent years.
blueberries by Jeff Liu

Another song from the same collection. I just did a brand new mix of it with Logic as a learning exercise! This one is pretty silly. It jumps around from style to style, something that I really love for some reason.
Brainz! by Jeff Liu

This is the very first thing I made with Logic. I just started making tracks without really planning anything and this is what resulted. I stayed up pretty late working on it so it kind of reflects my sleepy state of mind?


  1. These are so awesome! >O< I think I like the last one the best but I'm gonna listen to all of em again just to be sure ;D