Wednesday, September 12, 2012

TWEAKS (Two Weeks by Grizzly Bear)


So I made this cover of the song Two Weeks by Grizzly Bear about a year ago. I had this idea to upload it with a bunch of cool art but I never got around to doing it until now! I hope you like it!

To make this, I listened to the song over and over and transcribed each note and drum beat into Milkytracker. It's not perfect but I think it's pretty close to the original!

This is what a few measures of the song looks like in Milkytracker:


  1. This is awesome!! I'm downloading it right now! I love your animations too.

  2. This is really a fun piece. I am old enough to remember spending a good deal of my youth controlling virtual men and women through two dimensional dungeons to music that sounds very much like this song on Milkytracker. I love the ending; that was by far the best part to me.

    from Backy Smith at Doctoral Programs

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